Daniel Bongino - Maryland

Daniel Bongino

U.S. Senate Candidate – Maryland

Americans expect their political leaders to make bold, difficult decisions to solve the country's challenges. At the Constitutional Conservatives Fund, we make bold and sometimes difficult decisions regarding which candidates to support and how best to allocate our scarce political and financial resources. In making such decisions, we are guided by the understanding that to enact the right policy, you need the right people in office.

As part of my ongoing search for "the right people," I recently met with Dan Bongino, an exciting, young U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland. Dan is as firm in his deeply rooted conservative beliefs as we are. As I spoke with him, I realized quickly that his candidacy provides a unique and viable opportunity to elect someone who shares our conservative values in a state where many conservatives have lost hope of taking a Senate seat.

To seize this opportunity, we need to support Dan Bongino. Please help me spread the word, both in Maryland and across the country.

Why Maryland, and why now? As conservatives, we need to make a bold statement early enough to make a difference.

People signed up early to support a little-known state senator in bluest-of-blue Massachusetts and we now have a Republican U.S. senator from that state. Grassroots activists rallied behind a true conservative in Florida, taking on the establishment, and delivered a stunning victory. More recently, conservatives saw a rare opportunity in one of New York's most prominent Democratic strongholds; we now have a Republican congressman representing that state's 9th district for the first time in over 75 years.

When voters took a chance with Scott Brown, Marco Rubio, and Bob Turner, they were richly rewarded.

When I first met Dan Bongino, he told me "Senator, we have to stop losing the game in the locker room. If we aren't willing to put somebody on the field that has the passion to play the game and will fight for the victory, we will never win." He said it with such clarity and conviction that I knew he meant it, and would never surrender his deep and abiding conservative convictions.

I am confident that from the moment you meet Dan (as I hope you will do), you too will feel his passion, his patriotism and his unshakable commitment to limited government. As a party and as a movement, we must believe in and provide early support for the right candidate-- someone with the kind of passion and conviction that will transcend and political persuasion. I see those qualities in great abundance in Dan.

Dan served for over a decade in the United States Secret Service. While serving, he was a member of the elite Presidential Protection Division and represented the United States as a lead government security official in over 25 countries. Before leaving the service, Dan led an investigation that broke one of the largest fraud rings in Maryland's history. He holds graduate degrees in Business Administration and Neuropsychology. He is now a small business owner with his wife Paula.

Our country desperately needs a new generation of leaders-- men and women willing to acknowledge that the federal government has become too big and too expensive because Congress has ignored important constitutional limitations on its own power. We need leaders who are deeply committed to the understanding that, as James Madison explained, the powers of the federal government are "few and defined." I have found such a leader in Dan.

The questions are simple: Are you willing to take a chance? Are you willing to stand up and be heard? Are you willing to support a candidate who will fight to limit the size and scope of the federal government? Dan Bongino will do just that.

It is time to get up off the bench and help us put a star on the field. We can't afford to lose the game in the locker room in Maryland. Please, take the chance and help support Dan Bongino. I need his help to get this country back on track. Please donate now so that I can help make it happen. It won't happen without you.